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    29th Jan 2020 12:23PMThe building with the Tui St signage on it was the St. Pats College gymnasium and I spent many lunchtimes playing basketball in there. It was also used for school assemblies & parades during Cadet Week. Above that you can just make out the sign for LT McGuiness, a firm of builders, joiners & shopfitters. They were located down Tui St with direct access to the Prince of Wales hotel. The story goes that if Laurie McGuiness was not in his main workshop office, he was in the 'front office' i.e. the pub! The business has continued with the family being involved in many re-developments in recent years, sometimes under other names.
    My father sometimes drank in here on Saturdays, because there was often a friendly bookie working in there!
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    The Prince of Wales Hotel, 169 Tory Street

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    The Prince of Wales Hotel, 169 Tory Street
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